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Ellie V. Pullin Pre-School is committed to engage in family centered practices by respecting the essential role of families, and providing a collaborative, respectful partnership between families, children, educators and the local community.

As a not-for-profit incorporated association, Ellie V Pullin is managed by an executive committee, which is supported by a management team and social committee.


The members of both committees and the management team are all volunteers who are willing to give their time so that the pre-school can operate.


Committee roles include:

Executive Committee 2023

President - Flora Anderson

  • Acts as the official spokesperson or representative for the kindergarten.

  • Ensures that the role of the committee is being met and that requirements are fulfilled for council, MIKA and the Department of Education (DET).

  • Ensures all parents are informed about the kindergarten and decisions the committee makes.

  • Chairs committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting in October/November.


Vice-President - Kathryn Riella

  • Assists the President wherever possible and takes over in their absence.

  • Supports the Admin/Fees Officer in the regular renewal of kindergarten policies and accreditations.

  • Chairs the monthly meetings of the 5 year Business Planning Sub-Committee.


Treasurer - Colin Huynh

  • Oversees the preparation of financial statements, monitors the budget and reports to the DET.

  • Responsible for the payment of invoices, reimbursements and some banking.

  • Attends the 5-year Business Planning Sub-Committee meetings.

  • Works with our Bookkeeper/Payroll officer.

Secretary - Jovanka Jovcevski

  • Co-ordinates the committee meetings, compiles agenda items, takes minutes at the committee meeting and distributes to all members and staff.

  • As Public Officer, the Secretary is to forward the necessary documents to

  • Consumer Affairs and the DET after the AGM.

HR Officer - Carla Milne

  • Acts as the main liaison between staff and committee.

  • Conducts Staff Appraisals.

  • Organises relief staff when necessary.

  • Updates and files kindergarten staff qualification requirements.

  • Organises the recruitment of new staff.

  • Attends Staff Meetings and works with staff to ensure we are meeting our obligations under the Quality Improvement Plan.



Administration Team

Admin/Fees Officer - Vicki Morrow

  • The committee is supported by a paid Administration/Fees Officer, Vicki Morrow, who works 2 ½ days per week.

Enrolment Officer - Alyce Annakis

  • Co-ordinates enrolments for the 3 and 4-year-old programs.

  • Prepares a welcome letter to be sent out with acceptances and Enrolment Packs to be distributed at the AGM.

  • Required to attend monthly MIKA meetings and report back to the committee about these.

Marketing Officer - Alex Kent

  • Advertises, promotes and organises the Kinder Open Day held each year in May.

  • Uploads and maintains up to date information on the website as instructed.

  • Collates general news and information to produce a monthly newsletter for families.

  • Updates and maintains the website.

  • Assists Staff and Committee members where possible with any queries regarding office computer, equipment, software and the website.

  • Attends the 5-year Business Planning Sub-Committee meetings.

Grants Officer - Matthew Wall

  • Sources and applies for community and government grants.

  • Prepares proposals to submit with grant applications, which may include obtaining quotes from contractors.

  • Attends the 5-year Business Planning Sub-Committee meetings.

OH&S Officer - Siobhan Dejong

  • Works with the educators and committee to ensure OHS practices are being upheld and implemented.

Maintenance Officer - Dean Taylor

  • Organises and co-ordinates working bees which are held once per term.

  • Arranges the replacement or repair of items around the kindergarten as required.

  • Ensures the grounds are always well maintained.

Social Committee

Fundraising - Kim Arthur & Hayley Relf

  • Organises 2-3 fundraising events a term to raise money for the kindergarten.

  • Sources donations to be auctioned/ raffled for various events.

  • Reports monthly in the newsletter of upcoming events, goals for the funds and achievements reached.

  • Works with Fundraising Assistant and Group Representatives.

Group Representatives - Fiona Hedstrom (Apple Berries), Carly Jackson (Gum Nuts) & Alex Kent (Honey Pots)

  • Organise a social activity each term for their child’s kinder group, which are vital at bringing the group together and forming friendships.

  • Attend Social sub-committee meetings as required.

  • Support the Fundraising Coordinator as directed.

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