Parent Information



A range of uniform clothing items is available.  The uniform is optional but these high quality items can help create a sense of belonging for the children.  However, we require a red hat to be worn for Bush Kinder.


Ordering is available on-line all year round with delivery to your door.


Check out the range at Edu Threads website (


Second hand uniforms are also available.  Keep an eye out for notices on Flexibuzz or newsletters for details.


Donations from past families are always welcome.


Not all service costs are covered by government funding and the fees charged.  Fundraising is undertaken to meet the balance and/or pay for additional items for the preschool.  Whilst participation in fundraising is voluntary, the support of every family is encouraged.


Fundraising activities have consisted of the following:


  • Bunnings BBQ

  • Hot Cross Bun Drive

  • Ivan Pies Drive

  • Easter Raffle

  • Father's Day Raffle

  • Disco Nights

  • Picture Plates

  • ELAA Raffle

Incursions, Excursions and Events

Throughout the year, there will be several incursions, excursions and events.  Keep an eye for the newsletter and check the calendar for specific details on upcoming events.


Events include Grandparents & Special Persons Day, Mother's Day lunch and Father's Day breakfast.


Incursions include Wiggly Worm, Reptiles, Melbourne Museum, Dog Safety, etc


Excursions are only undertaken by the Apple Berries to Casey Safety Village.


Library Day starts in term 2.