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The Ellis V Pullin Pre-School is proudly named after Mrs. Ellie V. Pullin MBE (dec) and was officially opened by her on 19th November 1988.

The existing Pre-School was originally located in Scots Hall, Adelaide Street, Ringwood which is now the Eastland Shopping Centre. On 27th August 1988 the Pre-School moved into new premises at 30 Tortice Drive, Ringwood North.


Mrs. Pullin played a major role in forming the Ringwood Pre-School Association. In 1961, Mrs. Pullin attained the position of Convenor for the “Organisation Mondiale pour l’Education Prescolaire” (OMEP), a non-government organisation attached to UNESCO. In this role, she travelled overseas and exchanged ideas with many interesting people. In 1975 Mrs. Pullin acted as Vice President of the whole Asia Pacific Region for the OMEP.


In June 1973 all of Mrs. Pullin’s dedicated work in the Pre-School system was recognised with an MBE during the Queen’s Birthday celebrations.


We at Ellie V Pullin Pre-School are proud to be associated with this wonderful lady who gave so much to kindergartens locally, nationally, and internationally. Her tireless work for the children inspires us all to keep working to maintain and improve all of our pre-schools to the benefit of those children who attend them.

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