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Philosophy & Objectives

Ellie V. Pullin Pre-School is committed to engage in family centered practices by respecting the essential role of families, and providing a collaborative, respectful partnership between families, children, educators and the local community.

Through our programs, the Ellie V. Pullin Pre-School objectives are:


Encourage and respect each child’s right to develop their skills, interests and knowledge so that all children have the opportunity of achieving a better outcome through their learning and development, helping to build foundations for social, emotional and spiritual well-being.


Offer a secure, caring, happy environment, acknowledging that each child is unique, and to provide support in helping to promote each child’s strengths, individuality and positive self-image so that children feel a strong sense of self identity.


Encourage relationships between children, families and educators, fostering a deep sense of security, trust and acceptance of themselves and others at all times. Respectful relationships and cooperation based on mutual trust and open communication are fundamental to a child’s learning and development.


Provide an environment where children are connected with and can contribute to their world, allowing them to develop to their full potential and learn self-discipline, responsibility, decision-making, kindness and respect for others


Nurture the opportunity for non-discriminatory learning experiences, in a stimulating environment where children can become confident, involved learners based on materials, equipment and resources selected to demonstrate a range of lifestyles that include family values, social and cultural differences, gender and language diversity, all of which help to shape children’s learning and development.


Welcome, support and promote the inclusion and diversity of children with additional needs with equal and unbiased participation so that they feel a sense of belonging to our community.


Have fun in a safe and inviting environment that values educators, children and their families, and respects and welcomes their contributions to the pre-school where spontaneous, enjoyable and meaningful play helps to create learners for life.

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