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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​​​​The Bush Kinder Program

In 2018, Ellie V Pullin Preschool introduced 3 hours of supervised uninterrupted play in the bush for our  four year old groups, using what nature has provided as learning materials.  Children are natural learners. Bush Kinder provides children with the time and an ideal environment for them to learn in.  They will have the opportunity to play in the rain, roll down grassy mounds, balance along fallen logs, get involved in dramatic play, find insects and draw with sticks in the ground. The opportunities for children to construct their own learning are endless. Each child’s developmental progression, advancing skill levels and particular interests will be noted by their teachers. The teachers will use this knowledge to support the children’s learning just as they do during normal sessions at kinder.

Research has shown that benefits of Bush Kinder include:

  • Increased confidence, motivation and concentration

  • Increased social, physical and language skills

  • Deeper conceptual understandings and respect for the natural environment

  • Increased social and imaginative play

  • More varied risk-taking behaviours and positive dispositions towards risk and challenge

What happens in a Bush Kinder session? 
During a Bush Kinder session, children will be given the chance to engage in unstructured, free play. This gives children the opportunity to explore the environment at their own pace and uncover the many wonders of the Bush Kinder site.  Children will be involved in some intentional teaching during their time at Bush Kinder.  Teachers will actively promote children’s learning through worthwhile and challenging experiences and interactions that foster high-level thinking skills. They use strategies such as modelling and demonstrating, open questioning, speculating, explaining, engaging in shared thinking and problem solving to extend children’s thinking and learning.  This can encourage new interests to form for children, and assists those children who are unsure within the Bush Kinder setting.   
For more information about the Bush Kinder Program and please call the kinder on 9876 4251 for a personalised tour.

​3-Year Old 

3 year old Kindergarten is often a child’s first step in their educational journey. All children come with varying life experiences, and abilities to separate from their parent or carer. 3 year old Kinder is all about building trust, confidence, and establishing relationships with others away from the comfort of home. Once settled in their new environment at Kinder your child will feel a sense of belonging, and will feel ready to engage in our beautiful play spaces. Carefully planned activities each session are set out to encourage interest, participation, curiosity and learning both indoors and outdoors. Your child will be encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas, communicate with staff and their peers, and to engage in interactive group routines. Our goals for our 3 year old group children are to enjoy their time at Kinder and to flourish in their overall development. But most of all they realise they are little people of worth who can do things for themselves, and they develop a love of engagement, inquiry and learning. 

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